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Community and Feedback

Learn where to share your experience with the Atlas UP team and other users.

The best way to improve your usage of the product (and the product itself) is by connecting with members of the Atlas UP community. Here are some general ways to provide feedback to Atlas UP or interact with other members:

  1. Official Knowledge Base: Atlas UP often publishes new Knowledge Base content (right here!) announcing updates, improvements, and new features. Reading these posts can give you insights into the latest developments.

  2. Feedback Forms: Your Beta User onboarding lead will provide specific feedback forms or mechanisms for users to share their thoughts and experiences directly. Keep an eye on email for any such opportunities.

  3. Contact Support: You can contact our support team directly via email anytime: support@atlasup.com. Alternatively, Beta Users can fill out this form to provide feedback. 
  4. Early Access: If Atlas UP is still in an early access phase for a given feature, there may be specific programs for users to participate in. These programs often include dedicated channels for feedback.

  5. Atlas UP LinkedIn Forums: Follow Atlas UP on LinkedIn to stay apprised of upcoming events with other Beta Users and Members. You can check for updates, share your experiences, and provide your thoughts on where Atlas UP should go next.

Always make sure to follow Atlas UP's guidelines and use official channels to share your feedback. Keep in mind that methods for feedback and community interaction may have evolved since my last update, so it's a good idea to check the latest information on OpenAI's official channels or website.